El - Masria Company for Trade and Petroleum services

existed since the Egyptian market in 2000 under the name 

Another Egyptian Company for Engineering and

electromechanical business, has been changed its name to the

current title since in 2005

to the present


The Egyptian company operating in the centre of specialization in

supply lines and all supplies of petroleum networks

Various kinds of traps and pipes and escaped, and Joat nails and

Joinet, rice and Shattuck


Stainless steel and all the pressures, as well as welding supplies,

tools and instruments expendable Workshop and all the tools,

gear and push for lifting gear and special naval platforms, All Air


Welding Tools , Power Tools , Lifting Tools , Safety Tools ,

Cables Tools , All Hand Tools .


The company is working as a team since its inception and to date,

and all systems operate automatically operating company By

linking with some Albbed Computer


So as to reach the best results and degrees of quality and control

of all employees of the company

El - Masria Company - specialized in supplying all the requirements of lines and networks, petroleum and also Supplies and No. welding consumables and tools for the workshop and all the tools and equipment for lifting and tensile Special Task Forces and Navy platforms

Wide deliveries mechanical equipment and supplies lines :

All kinds of pressure from 150 - 1500 / St.St.-C.S

All kinds of necessities of all the pressures 3000/6000

Supplies of all lines - (Sch 20 TO Sch 160) A234 in all countries

All kinds of smooth and welded pipes - each country / St.St.-C.S

The supply of all types (traps) valves SAFETY - GLOBE- BUTTERFLY - BALL  GATE   -CHECK    STEM TRAP # 150- # 1500

All types of filters in all sizes T-type strainer - st. st.c.s-Y- type strainer 

Supply all mechanical equipment and supplies for petroleum lines and networks

Supplying all types of nails and Rodney all sizes

Supplying all types of Joinet, herring of all pressures

Pop supply regression Flames - FLAME ARRESTOR

The scope of tasks expendable supplies electricity and lighting :

The scope of supply missions workshop consumables :


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